Your Solution to Overcoming Unreasonable or
Uncooperative Claims Adjusters

Level the playing field

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  For Contractors

  • How can legitimate contractors deal with claims adjusters when they’re being unreasonable and/or uncooperative?
  • How many contractors are sick and tired of carriers low-balling their client’s losses? 

  • How many contractors are irritated when carriers omit legitimate damage or refuse to pay for reasonable repairs?

WE HELP THE CLIENTS OF CONTRACTORS GET A FAIR SHAKE FOR THEIR CLAIM. THIS PUTS SIGNIFICANT MONEY INTO CONTRACTORS POCKETS to replace all the damaged property. Money that is legitimately due your client to pay their contractor for ALL THEIR HARD WORK.

In Our Free eBook, We Teach Contractors How to...

  • Correctly file a supplemental claim and request a re-inspection – we even provide a sample letter in our eBook that is very effective.
  • Get roofs legitamtely totaled many times when the carrier is refusing.
  • Handle the cosmetic damage excuses carriers give.
  • Best explain deductibles and depreciation to their clients.
  • Educate their clients with a handout we created so they never have to eat another deductible ever again.
  • Understand the way adjusters think and what motivates them. We have decades of experience as contractors and adjusters.
  • We also teach contractors how to get GCO&P.

We put a document in contractor’s hands that will help inform their prospective client why not to put their loss out to bid.

The information in our free eBook will make CONTRACTORS more money, sometimes significantly more - on COVERED LOSSES WITH LEGITIMATE DAMAGE

The free eBook answers the following questions plus a lot more:

Once your customer has filed their supplemental claim and requested a re-inspection, what do you do if the re-inspecting adjuster simply refuses to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement?

It is now illegal (Texas Insurance Code Chapter 4102) for contactors to negotiate an agreed price between their client and their carrier on a claim, most contractors become frustrated and aren’t sure what to do. We teach contractors where the line is on this law and how to not step over it.

We explain what to do when claims adjusters interfere with their contract by encouraging clients to use a different contractor.

We explain to contractors what to do when adjusters try to force low-ball pricing on them.

When all else fails, we explain how the appraisal process works and how it WILL get them results.

Circumvention: The appraisal process circumvents the obstructionists – the unreasonable and uncooperative adjusters, claims departments and even legal departments. The claims department has zero input into the process once they’ve selected their appraisal for any given loss. This is one of the many reasons that both Attorneys and PA’s send their clients through appraisal once they have been hired by the client. Appraisers get them results; they pay them and keep the difference. Why not have your clients hire an appraiser direct and save the difference?

A quick example: We just concluded a commercial condominium loss in Dallas. An adjuster recommended us to the local commercial roofer who referred us to their client, a condominium association. The contractor had already gotten the carrier up from zero to $650,000, but their client was still being low-balled. Through appraisal, the condo association increased their claim settlement outcome by a multiplication in excess of 3 times the carrier’s most recent offer to settle – an award exceeding a whopping $2.1 million! And we concluded this appraisal within 5 months after the Umpire was agreed to. That’s pretty quick on a complex, multi-million dollar commercial loss. So the roofer should make almost half a million dollars extra profit on this job because of our work (inside the appraisal process) to get their client a fair shake on their loss.

WHO ARE WE? We are an association of highly skilled insurance adjusters who got tired of seeing uncooperative/unscrupulous carriers push their clients around just because the consumer didn’t know what to do or even what was going on. A number of extremely knowledgeable experts on our team have literally decades of experience (each) working as claims adjusters representing insurance carriers. Most everyone on our team has an extensive contracting background. We even have an Engineer, a Public Adjuster and a couple Attorneys on our team in case they’re needed.

To put who we are and what we do in perspective, imagine a taxpayer (who has a serious issue with the IRS) hiring the former manager that supervised the collections department of the IRS to represent them. Do you think that former collections manager knows what’s going on – what happens in the back office? A taxpayer would have the absolute best chance of a good outcome with someone like that working for them. That’s who we are in the adjusting world.

The next time you have a client that is being low-balled or their carrier is omitting legitimate damage, use the techniques that we teach and see the results for yourself. If the claims adjuster still refuses to be cooperative, refer them over to an appraiser.

By the way, the best appraisers get GCO&P on all appraisals 95% of the time.

We work with contractors as well. To find out how we can help you on claim amounts to cover your costs of doing the job correctly, contact us to find out how we can help get involved and how we can help the homeowner, and in turn, help you.