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After helping hundreds with claim issues, here is a quick example of how we have helped others and how we could possibly help you:

We just concluded a commercial condominium loss in Dallas. An adjuster recommended us to the local commercial roofer who referred us to their client, a condominium association. 

The contractor had already gotten the carrier up from zero to $650,000, but their client was still being low-balled. Through an appraisal process after we got involved, the condo association increased their claim settlement outcome by a multiplication in excess of 3 times the carrier’s most recent offer to settle – an award exceeding a whopping $2.1 million! And we concluded this appraisal within 5 months after the Umpire was agreed to. That’s pretty quick on a complex, multi-million dollar commercial loss.

Neither do all claims go this way, nor can we promise a results exactaly like this. But, we are confident that we can get you more of YOUR OWN MONEY back than you can by yourself without going through a long, drawn out process with litigation.

Our fees are very reasonable and we get your clients results (significant results, many times) in a timely manner. Contact us TODAY to see how we can be of service to you.

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