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Uncooperative Claims Adjusters

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 Answer This Question:

Once you have made a supplemental claim and requested a re-inspection, what are you going to do if the re-inspecting adjuster simply refuses to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement?

Since it’s now illegal (Texas Insurance Code Chapter 4102) for your contractor to negotiate an agreed price between you and your carrier on a claim, most consumers become frustrated and aren’t sure what to do.

  Here Are Your 4 Basic Options:


Hiring an attorney CAN be effective, very effective at times. Nevertheless, litigation can become expensive and very time consuming – who wants to wait half a year to a year or more?

Refer Your Claim to a Public Adjuster 

Like litigation, if you hire a PA, it may become expensive and time consuming as well. PA’s charge as much as 10% of the claim proceeds, in such cases cutting a huge amount of your claims proceeds with their fee. The biggest disadvantage of using a PA is they have to continue working with the obstructionists – the same unreasonable and uncooperative adjusters that you’ve been saddled with, although to be fair, they do have significantly more leverage than you do.

Do Nothing
and Take it
on the Chin

This is what the vast majority of consumers do, because they’re not sure what to do or they’re afraid to go up against their insurance company.

Simply Hire Us

The best option (in our opinion) is for you to hire us. The appraisal process circumvents the obstructionists – those unreasonable and uncooperative adjusters.

They have zero input into the process once they’ve selected their appraisal for any given loss. This is one of the many reasons that both Attorneys and PA’s hire us once they have been hired by your clients. We get them results; they pay us and keep the difference.