Your Solution to Overcoming Unreasonable or
Uncooperative Claims Adjusters

Level the playing field

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Who We Are

We’re LP Loss Consulting, a company that gets consumers results – in most cases, outstanding results; whether you have an adjuster who is being unreasonable, uncooperative or even unscrupulous, or an insurance company acting the same. 

Our business employs highly skilled insurance adjusters who, just like us, got tired of seeing uncooperative/unscrupulous carriers push their clients around just because the consumer didn’t know what to do or what was going on. 

A number of extremely knowledgeable experts on our team have literally decades of experience (each) working as claims adjusters representing insurance carriers. Most everyone on our team has an extensive contracting background. We even have an Engineer, a Public Adjuster and a couple Attorneys on our team in case they’re needed.

To put who we are and what we do in perspective, imagine a taxpayer (who has a serious issue with the IRS) hiring the former manager that supervised the collections department of the IRS to represent them. Do you think that former collections manager knows what’s going on – what happens in the back office? A taxpayer would have the absolute best chance of a good outcome with someone like that working for them. That’s who we are in the adjusting world.

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